Evolve your primitive hunter gatherers through thousands of years of technological advancement. Feed, protect and grow your tribe, build towns and industry, and advance through the ages in this first person civilization builder for PC. Play with your friends in co-operative or competitive multiplayer, all on a procedurally generated planet larger than Earth.

Sapiens is currently about mid way through development. Closed alpha testing is expected to begin early 2020, a closed beta later in 2020, and a full release on Steam some time after that.

You can add Sapiens to your wishlist on the Sapiens Steam page

If you are interested in helping with early pre-release testing, please join the discussion here on the forums, as we will be recruiting testers from within this community later in the year. And if you just want to keep an eye on development, news will be posted here on this page, there are semi-monthly video dev blogs on YouTube, you can join us on the Sapiens Discord, or you can follow @playSapiens on Twitter.

Latest News

Five year summary

With the addition of farming, seasons, life cycles, genetics, improved AI, house building, full modding support, chickens, hunting, crafting, and a whole bunch more, 2019 Was a very productive year. (Read More...)

Five year summary feature image

Video Devblog #42 - Chicken Follow Cam

This week I tried to pull back on the rate at which I record videos, but failed miserably so here is another one! (Read More...)

Video Devblog #42 - Chicken Follow Cam feature image

Video Devblog #41 - Actual Gameplay!

With a continued focus on gameplay, this week I worked on the relationship system, and the re-addition of pregnancy and sapien life stages. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #41 - Actual Gameplay! feature image

Video Devblog #40 - Apple Orchards

Over the past week I've made good progress on the planting and farming mechanic, and you can now plant apples to grow trees. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #40 - Apple Orchards feature image

Video Devblog #39 - Seasons

Farming is the next feature I want to work on, but for the planting, growing, fruiting, and harvesting cycles to make any sense, I needed to add seasons. It went really well and the new varying seasons make the world feel a whole lot mor... (Read More...)

Video Devblog #39 - Seasons feature image

Video Devblog #38 - Zooming from space to the ground

In this video I show the new map mode that allows quick zooming between space and your sapiens on the ground. The global map is also now used to locate a starting location and tribe for the game. I'll talk a bit about how the terrain eng... (Read More...)

Video Devblog #38 - Zooming from space to the ground feature image

Video Devblog #37 - Mods, biomes, and particles

In this video I show the new Steam Workshop support, and talk about how the mod environment works for both mod developers and players. I've also overhauled the particle engine and added a new tag based system for biomes. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #37 - Mods, biomes, and particles feature image

Video Devblog #36 - River Based Terrain Generation

Rivers can be a bit of a problem with procedural terrain, so instead of trying to calculate rivers on top of perlin noise based terrain, I've instead started with the rivers and built the terrain up from there. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #36 - River Based Terrain Generation feature image

Video Devblog #35 - The Circle Of Life

Children are now in the game! Along with children came aging, and the idea of families & relationships, which adds more of a sense of realism and progression to the game. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #35 - The Circle Of Life feature image

Video Devblog #34 - Campfire Cooking

Back to gameplay! The skill system is now in place, the crafting system has been overhauled, and it's finally starting to feel like a game. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #34 - Campfire Cooking feature image

Video Devblog #33 - VR

I decided if I was going to support Virtual Reality, then now was the time to make it work. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #33 - VR feature image

Video Devblog #32 - 3D Pathfinding & Toki Pona

Over the past few weeks I've been mostly working on pathfinding. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #32 - 3D Pathfinding & Toki Pona feature image

Video Devblog #31 - Crafting Primitive Spears

This time I've been working on the building mechanics and the crafting of a simple hand axe and stone spear. There are also many little improvements in the UI, especially around the display of tasks that can't be completed. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #31 - Crafting Primitive Spears feature image

Video Devblog #30 - Placing Rocks & Branches

It's been a busy couple of weeks, with lots of fixes and tweaks, some new UI, and a new method for placing items in the world exactly where you want them. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #30 - Placing Rocks & Branches feature image

Video Devblog #29 - Thatch Houses

Over the last couple of weeks I've been focusing on making the game more enjoyable to play, with usability improvements and lots of little bug fixes and tweaks. I've also added primitive thatch houses. Don't forget to wishlist on Steam! (Read More...)

Video Devblog #29 - Thatch Houses feature image

Sapiens FAQ 2019

What is this game? Will you be able to go to space? Can I beta test? Why did you make your own engine, are you crazy? It is time to explain in more what this game is all about, and what my future plans are. Hopefully this clears up a few... (Read More...)

Sapiens FAQ 2019 feature image

Video Devblog #28 - Hunting Chickens

The chickens are back! This time they can move around, run away from near by sapiens, and the sapiens can use small rocks to hunt them. I've also been working on the skill system, adding specializations and changing how tasks are priorit... (Read More...)

Video Devblog #28 - Hunting Chickens feature image

You can now add Sapiens to your Steam wishlist

Sapiens now has a shiny new Steam page! A couple of weeks ago, YouTube started featuring the Sapiens 4 years of development summary video. Since then, the game has been getting a huge amount of attention, and the videos have been viewed ... (Read More...)

You can now add Sapiens to your Steam wishlist feature image

Video Devblog #27 - 3D Rendered UI and Fire Skills

This month the user interface received a total overhaul, so now every panel and button is rendered as a 3D mesh, and lit in-game. The sapiens are now eating and sleeping, the building process has more detail, and the skill system is impl... (Read More...)

Video Devblog #27 - 3D Rendered UI and Fire Skills feature image

Video Devblog #26 - New AI and Sparkly Water

Until now, the sapiens have had a sort of hive mind, where they magically know exactly who should chop down a tree and carry what where. In this video I show the new AI where they actually think individually and react to what is in their... (Read More...)

Video Devblog #26 - New AI and Sparkly Water feature image

Video Devblog #25 - Storage Areas & Hay Beds

In this video I share my thoughts on how the early game will work, and how the new storage areas will replace stockpiles. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #25 - Storage Areas & Hay Beds feature image

Sapiens Recap Video - Four Years of Indie Game Development

It’s time to take a look back at how development of the game started, and how far it has come in the past four years. (Read More...)

Sapiens Recap Video - Four Years of Indie Game Development feature image

Development Update #11 - Progress Again

After weeks of Vulkan work, just trying to get back to where I was, it feels amazing to be making good progress again. (Read More...)

Development Update #11 - Progress Again feature image

Video Devblog #24 - Porting from OpenGL to Vulkan

For the past 6 weeks or so I’ve been mostly working on porting the rendering engine from OpenGL to Vulkan. In this video I explain my reasons for taking on all of this extra work, and talk about some of the challenges and surprises I enc... (Read More...)

Video Devblog #24 - Porting from OpenGL to Vulkan feature image

Development Update #10 - Vulkan

Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been away for a couple of weeks. I'm back to work now though, and my current job is to port everything over from OpenGL to Vulkan. (Read More...)

Development Update #10 - Vulkan feature image

Video Devblog #23 - A whole new world (and a new name)

In this video I announce the new name! I’ve been very busy entirely changing the look, adding a female cave person, starting on the research system, and more. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #23 - A whole new world (and a new name) feature image

Development Update #9 - New office

There isn't really anything new to show off this week, and that's why I skipped last week's update too, but it must be time for a post anyway. (Read More...)

Development Update #9 - New office feature image

Development Update #8 - A whole new look!

Goodbye flat shaded low-poly dullness, hello fancy new smooth leafy awesomeness! (Read More...)

Development Update #8 - A whole new look! feature image

Development Update #7 - Tribes

This week there are now little groups of people scattered around the world. When you first join or create a world, you look around to find a tribe you would like to lead. It's a nice way to begin the game, and those AI tribes can stay th... (Read More...)

Development Update #7 - Tribes feature image

Video Devblog #22 - Dirt Houses

The cavemen can build themselves little houses now, and find their ways around holes in the ground. There’s also a new way of generating rivers, much faster terrain generation and a bunch of other little tweaks and fixes. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #22 - Dirt Houses feature image

Development Update #6 - Houses

This week we can finally build houses! They're still very simple, but they have floors, walls, doorways and a roof, everything a caveman needs to stay warm and dry under the everlasting sunny skies (one day I'll add rain!) (Read More...)

Development Update #6 - Houses feature image

Development Update #5 - Grass and Rivers

This week I worked on grass and rivers. Initially I just wanted to automatically remove the grass when you build floors. But once I got that working, I got a bit carried away tidying up the grass code and added new grass types, as well a... (Read More...)

Development Update #5 - Grass and Rivers feature image

Development Update #4 - Limp

Kia ora! This is the first weekly update in 5 weeks. I know. Sorry! I went on a big surfing holiday in Indonesia, and when I go away, everything stops. But I'm back to work now, and I've made some good progress this week. (Read More...)

Development Update #4 - Limp feature image

Video Devblog #21 - Grassy Goodness

After finding some music that fitted the game, I realized the UI looked terrible, and gave it a makeover. I also implemented a snapping mechanic for building floors, added new stockpiles, and some new grass. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #21 - Grassy Goodness feature image

Development Update #3 - Stockpiles

This week I've mostly been working on stockpiles. One thing I'm keen to avoid in Ambience is any kind of inventory management. So instead of stacks of items in UI slots in chests or baskets, the resources you find, grow, or craft will al... (Read More...)

Development Update #3 - Stockpiles feature image

Video Devblog #20 - Mammoths By Firelight

In this video I show the new mammoth models, changes to the digging and order queuing interfaces, and the new particle engine and light sources. I’ve also added the concept of a selected person, to make it easier to direct them around in... (Read More...)

Video Devblog #20 - Mammoths By Firelight feature image

Video Devblog #19 - Digging & Building

In this video I show the new interface for modifying the terrain by digging and filling, and show the new experimental dirt floors and branch walls. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #19 - Digging & Building feature image

Video Devblog #18 - Eating Apples

In this video I show the new morph target based random face generation, the new concept of hunger, and picking and eating apples from trees. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #18 - Eating Apples feature image

Video Devblog #17 - Rivers & Campfires

I’ve been working on the terrain generation again, and this video shows off the new rivers. I’ve also got the cavemen building campfires, one rock/branch at a time. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #17 - Rivers & Campfires feature image

Video Devblog #16 - Chopping & Gathering

In this latest video devblog, I’ve populated the world with new plant and tree models, and worked further on the orders system, with a few new orders now available. (Read More...)

Video Devblog #16 - Chopping & Gathering feature image

Welcome To Ambience

Ambience has been in development for a couple of years already, but most of the work so far has been in creating a custom game engine. Until now there has been no real gameplay, just a world renderer. But that is all changing in 2018 (Read More...)